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May 21, 2009
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Hurray! Since so many people like my first MJ and the Symbiote story so much I’m finally going to do a second. I hope you all like it :3

Peter shook his head.

“I’m sorry but no, get off of MJ.” Peter said.
“But…fine” replied Cure as though she might actually cry.
The Symbiote quickly oozed off of MJ and onto the floor, letting MJ’s body fall back onto the couch.

“P-Peter?” asked MJ as she came to.
“Yes MJ, I’m here. Don’t worry you’re….” began Peter.
“Give her the day with you.” MJ interrupted.
“W-what?” asked Peter shocked.
The Symbiote quickly turned around and looked back at MJ. Peter opened his mouth to interject, but MJ quickly cut him off.

“Just give it today with you. I-It loves you Pete…..just today.” continued MJ.
The Symbiote quickly threw itself through the air and back onto MJ and reattached itself. Cure quickly threw herself against Peter and locked her lips with his.

“MJ, are you sure about this?” asked Peter as he pushed Cure back.
“Yes Pete, Just give it this time with you and hopefully We won’t have to worry about Venom anymore.” smiled Cure.
“Alright, but just today.” replied Peter.
Cure quickly squeed with delight and forced Peter back down onto the couch.

“Again!?” asked Peter as she began to kiss every inch of his face and chest.
“Yes! We love the way it feels! We delight in being so close to you.” smiled Cure before setting to work on Peter.
As she satisfied her craving to mate, the Symbiote reached out to MJ’s mind.

“Why did you allow Us to rejoin with you?” asked the Symbiote telepathically.
“Don’t tell Peter, but I sort of like the way it feels being connected to you.” replied MJ.
“You….enjoy being together.” asked the Symbiote happily.
“Yeah, it makes me feel so strong. I like the feeling that I could protect Peter if I needed.” replied MJ.
“We will be happy here…..finally a home….a willing host” purred the Symbiote.
“Yes, WE will be happy together.” smiled MJ as she allowed her mind to melt with the Symbiote’s.
The two began to grow closer, sharing their feelings and senses as one. The feeling of having Peter inside of them nearly tripled. As she reached her climax, Cure quickly pulled Peter as tight as she could to him and released a loud series of orgasmic growls. Peter collapsed on top of her as he too finally climaxed. The two snuggled together and just laid there on the couch in each others’ arms until Peter fell to sleep. After a few moments, Cure rose from the couch and neared a window.

“He will want us to separate after today.” said MJ almost sadly.
“Unless we can become more desirable to him in this form.” replied the Symbiote.
“How…? Oh wait…that woman he likes…..Black Cat! If we can somehow…” began MJ.
Cure quickly and quietly jumped out of the window and into the rainy sky. It was almost dark enough to pass for night as Cure swung through the city. Within several moments, Cure found her target. Black Cat sat on top of a large building, looking out over the city. Cure landed behind her and slowly approached her.

“Do not fight us, but listen. We know about you and Spiderman and that you want to be close to him.” started Cure.
“What!? No way, I don’t…” replied Black Cat as she jumped to her feet.
“We also know that you two shared your secret identities with each other.” continued Cure.
“Then you probably know that his heart belongs to Marry Jane.” said Black Cat a tad sadly.
“We know how to fix that…” smiled Cure.
“I’m not going to kill…!”
“No, no kill. We are MJ she is part of us! We can make you part of us too. Imagine, he loves you but he also loves Marry Jane, so if you were to join us he would be free to love you both together. No excuses, no MJ to compete with, just one entity for him to love. What do you say?” smile Cure.
“I would never…I…. well…if he’d love me...” Black Cat bit her lip as the idea began to appeal to her.
“Perfect.” smiled Cure.
Before Black Cat could interject, tendrils shot out of Cure and began to tie themselves around her. Black Cat struggled and bucked as the tendrils pulled her closer and closer to the now exposed form of MJ’s naked body. More tendrils shot out and wrapped tightly around her. Within several Seconds, the two women were so close that they were touching. The Symbiote quickly forced off Black Cats costume and cocooned her body tight up against MJ’s. Black Cat struggled and clawed at the Black skin until she began to feel an odd numbness in her legs. She tried to move them and realized that she could only make them work a little. Black Cat was horrified as she felt another mind enter hers and move her legs against her will. She moaned sensually as the numb feeling spread to her pelvic bone.

“Wh-what’s happening to me!?” asked she looked back and saw that she and MJ now shared a pair of legs and a waist.
“Shh, soon we shall be one. We will soon be with Peter forever!” purred MJ and the Symbiote as Black Cat’s stomach began to fuse with MJ’s.
“…Peter… WE shall be yours….” purred Black Cat as she closed her eyes.
The two women quickly fused the rest of the way and the Symbiote tightened around them. Cure’s new body had a longer snout, long white tendril hair, and a larger chest with a pattern resembling that of Black Cat’s costume along with the white spider. Only taking a moment to admire her new form, Cure quickly swung back to Peter’s apartment.

“Oh lover, We have a surprise for you.” smiled Cure.
“Wh-what?” asked Peter as he slowly woke up.
“We’ve been talking it over and have decided we all want to keep this form. We will be your permanent mate!” replied Cure.
“We…BLACK CAT!?” asked Peter as he stood up.
“Yup, she too wanted to be close to you. So we joined with her two.” smiled Cure.
“B-But how!?” asked Peter as he stood shocked.
“You provided us with so much DNA and raw material, and We have put it to good use.” purred Cure.
Without wasting a second, Cure quickly grabbed Parker and held his arms down. Small strands of tendrils crawled off of Cure and began to attach to Peter.

“No stop!” grunted Peter as he struggled.
“Shh, this time We won’t harm you. We have figured out our mistake from the first time.” smiled Cure.
The Black Suit quickly began to reform around Peter as he struggled. However as it neared his face, instead of being scared he felt oddly calm and happy. He could hear Cure’s thoughts and happiness. Within several seconds the suit was complete and Peter was once again in his black suit.

“So…Cure, both MJ and Black Cat are inside of you?” asked Peter.
“Yes.” nodded Cure.
“Then I have some work to do.” smirked Peter before jumping on top of Cure.
Peter quickly slid inside of Cure and began to thrust himself in and out. Cure ran her claws through her tendril hair in pleasure.

“Don’t worry, this time you can stay.” smiled Peter.
“Finally, all is as it should be.” smiled Cure.
The mask of Parkers suit quickly developed teeth and a long tongue as he began to kiss Cure as she had done to him earlier. Cure was happy, so many new doors had opened up to her, she would have so much fun being with Peter again, and she knew that for sure she was in for one hell of a night!
Okay, so I took everyone's suggestions and fused them into one big one. Tell me what you all think :3
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Mathpod Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Student Writer
So the symbionie is now fully bonded with MJ/Black Cat and with Peter Parker?
Trwelik Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013
yep :3
Loncus Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012
.............anyone who doesn't like this will be shoopdawooped somehow
Trwelik Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
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newgman Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
That's just wrong... how you would let them get off so easily.
LordOmegaZ Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012   Digital Artist
as a symbiote lover i ADORE these fan fics ;D

wish cure would visit me :'9 *curls on couch alone* ;_;
Trwelik Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
lol Cure is the number one outstanding cure of loneliness

*pounces you*
LordOmegaZ Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012   Digital Artist
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Trwelik Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
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(continue in a note pls?) :3
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